Toward the One, United with All

Rose Heart Sufi Community
Dedicated to the Embodiment of Universal Spiritual Liberty, and Sacred Sound and Movement

Rose Heart Sufi Community is a non-profit affiliated center of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. We've been serving North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic region since 1993, carrying on the lineage of Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, Mata-ji Ruth St. Denis, and others who point us toward Wisdom's way.
Our mission statement is:
We seek to minister to the community of Sufi students, teachers, and seekers in the Durham NC area and surrounding areas. This ministry consists of a.) supporting Ruhaniat students and teachers through regular Gathas classes, to which initiates of other Sufi orders are welcomed, b.) supporting seekers through regular Dances of Universal Peace meetings, Zikr gatherings, offerings of the Dervish Healing Service and the Service of Universal Peace, and periodic Gathekas classes, c.) supporting the area community by offering retreats, camps, and special events that promote and offer an experience of the unity of religious ideals, sacred sound and movement, and/or the unfolding of our soul's purpose.
Some of the ongoing services we provide are:
Dances of Universal Peace monthly meetings
Zikr gatherings
Universal Worship Service
Healing Service
Annual New Year's Eve celebration
Annual Service for Those Who Have Passed
Cross-Quarter Ziraat Celebrations
Aramaic Prayer Dance Cycle
Native Middle Eastern Dance Cycle
Aramaic Beatitudes Dance Cycle
Training for Dance leaders, Dance musicians, and Dancers
Gathas classes and retreats for Sufi initiates
Gathekas class for Sufi seekers
"Introduction to Frame Drumming" classes
"Giving Birth To Ourselves" Frame Drum Intensives

We've brought you many wonderful camps, trainings, and intensives with beloved world-renowned teachers, including:
Shabda Kahn Layne Redmond Abraham and Halima Sussman
Wali Ali Meyer Mariam Baker Allaudin Ottinger
Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz Saraswati Mimi O'Neill Wali and Arienne van der Zwan
Tasnim Hermila Fernandez Mihr'un'nisa Douglass Akbar Eric Manolson
Vasudeva Kirbiatiev Timothy Dobson Radha Tereska Buko
Asha Greer Khadija Julia Goforth Darvesha Victoria MacDonald

Vision for the future includes:

  • creating an ongoing community service project (input welcomed!)
  • creating a physical home for Rose Heart Sufi Community to host gatherings and events
  • other wonderful things yet to be revealed!

If you wish to support us with a donation, 100% of your gift is tax-deductible.
Rose Heart Sufi Community is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Click the Donate button to contribute online via PayPal (PayPal account not required).
Rose Heart Sufi Community Board of Directors --
   Farrunnissa Rosa, President & Center Coordinator
   Nur Rahmana Julie Purcell, Vice-President
   Hamid David Chaika-Henderson, Secretary
   Habiba Debi Niswander, Treasurer
   Hayat Laurie Lindgren, Director

In Beauty is the secret of Divinity.
Hazrat Inayat Khan